Chaozhou Jinlin Shijia Ceramics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in wall-mounted toilets, urinals, bathroom cabinets, art basins, cupboards, urinals, squatting toilets, intelligent toilets and other high-end sanitary ware. The company has a high-quality staff, marketing, research, development, planning as one.
  Is located in the domestic large-scale sanitary ware production base. The company has excellent prouduction line, excellent quality management and perfect after-sales service. With keen market insight, we constantly introduce products with artistic taste and popular with users. The pursuit of cost-effective business philosophy, we continue to grow in the competition.

  • 藝術盆Art Basin
  • 浴室柜Bathroom
  • 坐便器Toilet seat
  • 小便斗Urinal
  • 蹲便器Squatting pan
  • 柜盆Cabinet Basin
  • 立柱盆Pedestal Basin
  • 臺上盆Undercounter
  • 臺下盆Lower basin
  • 潮州市錦林世家陶瓷有限公司(Chaozhou Jinlin family Ceramics Co., Ltd.)
    聯系人(Contacts):蘇先生Mr. Su
    郵箱(Email):[email protected]
    地址(Address):廣東省潮州市古巷鎮(Guxiang Town, Chaozhou, Guangdong)

技術支持:惠州易瑞通網絡科技有限公司 人才支持:廈門人才網

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